Skype Click to Call now makes it easier to find & call Free Numbers

Skype to call is a Skype service that allows to make calls for free, if you already have the Skype client installed. It is a sort of plug-in that once downloaded and installed in your web browser allows you to switch between browsing and making calls with just one click, wasting no time in retyping numbers from the web onto your mobile phone or landline.

The service helps in saving money too. It highlights Skype Names and numbers wherever they appear on the web, and lets you call them with one click-through your Skype account. Just look for numbers across the web marked ‘free’.

Click to Call

Now, the latest versions of Skype Click to Call for Windows (version 6.5) and Skype Click to Call for Mac (version 2.4) are out. The new build apart from the key update, sees a notable change. From now onwards, the phone numbers on websites that are free to call will be highlighted in magenta color. This aims to make it easier to spot free numbers to call while browsing.

Key updates in the current  release of Skype to call include:

  1. Firefox 18 and Chrome 23 support
  2. Support for Internet Explorer and Safari browser too
  3. Windows 8 compatibility
  4. Various performance and stability improvements

Please note that, the latest version of Google Chrome – Chrome 24 is out. So, Skype-to-call may not work on Chrome 24, as it is only compatible with Chrome 23 now. However users of Internet Explorer 10 and other browsers can definitely enjoy the benefits from the new version.

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