Skype for Business is now a central part of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams in its current form is quite capable, and since it’s free, it now has a leg up on several of its competitors. But that’s not the end of the road because Teams have become much better than before due to the addition of Skype for Business.

Skype Microsoft Teams Call

Skype for Business is part of Microsoft Teams

According to a recent report from Microsoft, the platform is now a complete call solution for meetings and whatever else. Now, we should point out that Microsoft is working to use Team to replace Skype for Business in the future, but that future isn’t here yet.

“Today, we are pleased to announce we have completed our roadmap for bringing Skype for Business Online features and functionality into Teams, and Teams is ready to meet your messaging, meeting and calling needs,” according to Microsoft in a recent blog post. “Today, more than 200,000 organizations are using Teams, including nearly 70% of enterprise customers who use Skype for Business Online.  We encourage your organization to join them and move to Teams today.”

Improvements aren’t done yet because Microsoft intends to add some Enterprise related features in the future. But as it stands right now, Teams is slowly becoming the communication hub the software giant has always wanted it to be for Office 365.

Companies can easily switch over to Teams from Skype for Business right now. Additionally, updates will still be released for Skype for Business, but in the end, it’ll be replaced by Teams completely.

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