Skype for brings messaging and contact list improvements

Ever since the tech-giant launched Skype as an add-on feature on its popular email service –, it was working hard to improve the chat sessions in order to deliver its users an easier chatting experience. Hence, Microsoft recently announced updates for Skype on, which are now available worldwide.

Skype video Call from Inbox

Improvements to Skype on

  1. Enhanced Contact List

It is now easy to find friends and add them to your Skype contact list. You have just to open your address book or People tile (in Windows 7+ OS) and check if your friend is using same email address for Skype, as well as Microsoft Account. If so, then he will be shown up as a contact in the “Messaging” window, and now you have just to click on his photo to add him to your Skype contacts.

  1. Create Group Chats

Users can now either create or participate in the group chats without any panic. In order to add your friends for group chat, you have just to click on the “+” icon in the course of the conversation.

  1. Easy to check most recent conversations

When you click on the “:-)” icon on the upper right corner of your email account, then it displays a list of chats or messages. Hence, you can now easily track down your most recent conversations from this list.

Moreover, you have just to open your chat pane to continue from the point where you left off your conversation.

  1. Skype Video Call

Connecting with your Skype contacts via chat, email or video call is now just a click away from your inbox.

We advise you to install the plugin to instantly take advantage of this video calling functionality right from your web browser.

Video in action

Microsoft Skype team has also released a video for its users under the tagline Make Skype calls directly from your Inbox! Check it out!

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