Skype offering one month of its Premium Service free to all users

With a couple of holidays lined up before 2012 ends, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, people connect with their loved ones across the world and send over well wishes and greetings. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has announced that its Premium Skype service will now be available for free for a month.

Skype free Premium

This means that Skype users can call any landline phone(s) in 40 countries via their Skype client for free for a month along with free calls to all mobile phone numbers in seven countries, including the US and Canada.

 “We want to give you the very best of Skype free for a month. It’s an offer you can only get through this free trial and includes an unprecedented amount of features that’ll make it easier to catch up with those you love. So don’t worry about how long you talk, running out of minutes or what it’ll cost — it’s our gift to you, and it’s only available for a limited time.” – Skype Team

However, users who wish to benefit from this offer need to provide their credit card number but won’t be billed within the first 27 days after which the Premium Service will be charged at $9.99 a month. Users can avail this free Premium Service for the first 26 days and simply cancel it on the 27th day to avoid getting charged.

Log on to the Skype with Love webpage to get started with this offer.

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