Skype Translator now speaks Arabic

With a focus on improving the human connection worldwide, Skype added Arabic as its new spoken language. Skype Translator will now speak Arabic. With the newly added Arabic language, Skype Translator now supports eight spoken languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Launched back in December 2014, Skype Translator also supports more than 50 written languages helping users to chat worldwide in their own speaks arabic

While each language has its own importance, Arabic language is particularly special to team Skype as it is the official language of 22 countries. Arabic is native to more than 200 million people living in a region of Southwest Asia and Northwest Africa.

Talking about the importance of Arabic language, team Skype wrote in an official blogpost, “

The Arabic language release is especially important to us, because there is such a diverse Arabic speaking population all over the world. The ability to communicate with someone in their own language has the potential to enhance and build important relationships. For example, younger generations who speak a different language can communicate with extended family; or newly formed and migrating families are able to stay connected with family and friends back home; or educational institutions can tap the vast pool of knowledge between cultures”.

Microsoft is actually adding the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) which is widely used as a standard form of Arabic language in the Northern Africa and the Middle East. This is the version of Arabic used by journalists, taught in schools and used throughout the Arabian countries in both spoken and written communications, unlike the dialects which vary from region to region.

How to use Arabic Language in Skype

  • Go to the language settings in Skype and click on the globe icon.
  • Select your messaging and spoken language from the dropdown.

Do check this newly added Arabic language in Skype.

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