SourceForge to stop Installer bundles after its acquisition

SourceForge Media has finally decided to end DevShare program as a “first order of business.” Slashdot and SourceForge businesses, together known as ‘Slashdot Media were sold to BIZX, LLC by DHI Group, Inc. earlier this year. The deal was completed by January 27, 2016, but no financial details were disclosed by either of the company.


No more bundled software, says SourceForge

Confirming the elimination of DevShare program Logan Abbott, President SourceForge said,

“As of last week, the DevShare program was completely eliminated.”

DevShare, a monetization effort developed in-house at SourceForge was specially designed to help customers implementing key changes in the software.

The program was already in controversies for delivering third-party installer bundled with Windows downloads. The Company thus decided the closure of DevShare program so as to restore their reputation as a trusted home open source software. There will be more of such decisions coming in the near future, says Mr. Abbott.

Abbott further wrote in his official blog post,

“We want to restore our reputation as a trusted home for open source software, and this was a clear first step towards that. We’re more interested in doing the right thing than making an extra short-term profit.”

As per the blog post written by the President, the Company will now be focusing on establishing community trust and building out new site features so as to fulfill the needs of visitors and developers.

SourceForge also has  some plans to include full https support for both Slashdot and SourceForge in the near future.

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