Have you started seeing the Upgrade now or Upgrade tonight to Windows 10 options?

Windows 10 is so dear to Microsoft that they wish every Windows user to upgrade their systems to this latest Windows OS. Windows 10 certainly gives away a lot of features offering an excellent user experience. Microsoft seems to be getting more and more aggressive in wanting all users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Around 3 months back, Microsoft started giving only two options to its users regarding during the Windows 10 Upgrade process, according to Reddit users – either ‘Upgrade now’ or ‘Upgrade tonight’.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Under this move, Windows 10 made a “Recommended update” and it will automatically download on the PCs with Windows 7 and 8.1 OS. This aggressive move seems to be set so as to encourage users to upgrade to latest OS when it’s offered for free.

Users’ reaction over Windows 10 Upgrade now or Upgrade tonight strategy

When Microsoft started giving two options of ‘Upgrade now’ and ‘Upgrade tonight’ for Window 10 upgradation, users offered a mixed reaction. Some users are skeptical about Microsoft’s intention for this move and partially not liking the aggressiveness the software giant is showing. One of the reactions received from the user was,

“It’s like in the Producers: do you like French or Chinese? Well lets go get some Friday night.”

Some users want some time to think before they really want to walk away from their previous versions of Windows OS, such as Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. They mentioned about the need for some more time, such as a month or two before they make a decision. Upgrading immediately seems little forceful to them. One of the users mentioned,

“Salesman tactic. Assume the deal is closed and offer them the car in red or blue.”

Some users have even mentioned that the reminder about the upgrade that keeps popping every now and then is little annoying.

The upgradation to Windows 10 is done automatically if the user selects ‘Upgrade later’. Some users found it astonishing and pleasant; while some didn’t like it at all. One user mentioned his experience of automatic update. He says,

“Also you had to be careful with the time you set for the upgrade, since at that point it would start a one-hour countdown after which the update started automatically. Every two days, I selected ‘upgrade in two days’ … then one day, my computer was still running while I was eating dinner. Came back to a screen welcoming me to Windows 10, which had silently installed itself while I was gone …”

In October 2015, Microsoft had marked Windows 10 upgrade as ‘Recommended’. As a result, many users had no option but to download the upgrade which was a problem for data-limited connections. While, the ‘Recommended’ tag was removed from Windows 10 upgrade for some time, it has been made ‘Recommended’ again in February 2016.

In a lighter vein, one user commented:

I should start trying this line of thinking when picking up women. “Hey baby, wanna go on a date right now or later tonight?”

Are you seeing the Upgrade now or Upgrade tonight to Windows 10 options which Microsoft started offering 3 months back?

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