Suit filed against Symantec, claiming it sells Scareware

If you recollect, we had first broken the story, some time back, on how about how Norton PC Checkup Tool threw up exaggerated and even false findings about the health of your PC, and then tried to sell you some Symantec software or the other.

It appears that James Gross, a resident of the state of Washington, has now filed a suit in the District Court of San Jose, California, against Symantec Corp, claiming that the company attempted to persuade computer users to purchase its software by scaring them with incorrect findings about the state of their PC.

The complaint alleges that Symantec distributes trial versions of its  software. These software scan the Windows PC and then report risks, shortcomings, troubles and errors which may or may not actually be present. The scanning software then markets other software of Norton, promising them a solution.

“The software is falsely informing the consumer that errors are high priority and in addition it is falsely informing the consumer that their overall system health and privacy health is low,” said Chandler Givens, an attorney with Edelson McGuire LLP, the firm that filed the suit on behalf of Gross.

The case is Gross v. Symantec Corporation, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, No. 12-00154, reports Bloomberg.

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  1. Mooliyan

    Finally, someone challenges this company. Stay away from their products.

  2. Sid

    Its all about sowing & reaping..

  3. Joeschmoe2008

    I wonder if this story will be blocked by those who use Norton DNS service? Maybe they will block all stories about the lawsuit too?

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