Is your Surface Pro 4 suffering from flickering screen issues? Read this

OK, so we know the Surface Pro 4 has a problem where the screen flickers. This issue is well documented, and there’s nothing much Microsoft can do about it in terms of a software fix. This issue is entirely hardware; therefore, Microsoft says it’s willing to replace your defective Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Before going forward with sending in your Surface Pro 4 for replacement, it would be wise to make sure Windows 10 is fully updated to the latest version, the same goes for all drivers. This is to make sure that the flicker problem you’re facing is not software-based.

The next step, then, is to contact Microsoft Support. You’ll speak with an agent, and once this person has determined your Surface Pro 4 computer is fit for replacement, it’s time to prepare your Surface for service.

Surface Pro 4 screen flicker problem

Microsoft says it will ship a replacement product once the existing device is returned. This should take around five to eight business days, which is not too long if you ask us.

Here is some important information Microsoft wants you to know:

  • Only Surface Pro 4 devices, of any configuration, are covered under this program.
  • This offer is extended to both consumers and commercial customers.
  • This program does not apply to Devices damage caused by:
    • use with products not sold or licensed by Microsoft
    • any external cause (for example, by being dropped, exposed to liquid, or used with inadequate ventilation)
    • a repair done by anyone other than Microsoft or an authorized retailer or reseller.
  • The extension of a free replacement is applicable only for Surface Pro 4 devices which are experiencing screen flickering. For other repair needs, customers will continue to receive service under their existing Limited Warranty support or Microsoft Complete.
  • Microsoft provides replacement devices which are refurbished to the defined quality standards.
  • Customers who have already paid an out-of-warranty fee to repair the screen flickering issue will be offered a refund and should contact Customer Support for validation.

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