Symantec kills PC Tools product line, including Spyware Doctor

Symantec, the security software vendor, recently killed its PC Tools security product lines. It was in October 2008 that Symantec had acquired PC Tools, a global provider of security and utility products, including the then popular Spyware Doctor. The announcement can be termed as a bit of a surprise because software from PC Tools could not even complete a five-year term in Symantec. For Symantec the acquisition was strategically important  as it aimed at expanding its consumer product portfolio thereby gaining access to new emerging regional markets. PC Tools too, justified its acquisition, as it was a regular in VB100 comparatives over the last 5 years or so.

PC tools antivirus

The announcement was made discretely, in which Symantec announced the end of PC Tools Spyware Doctor, PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus, PC Tools Antivirus and PC Tools Internet Security. This effectively puts an end to the sales of these security products, however if you are an existing user you will continue to get the support and protection against the latest threats until your subscription ends.

The announcement from Symantec says,

“We are retiring the PC Tools Security portfolio as we focus on streamlining our product range to provide fewer, better solutions for our customers. As an alternative to your PC Tools Security solution, Symantec recommends the award-winning, new Norton Internet Security. It provides you with powerful internet protection, no matter where you go or what you do online – and we have special offers available to our existing PC Tools Security customers.”

As you noticed in the above announcement, Symantec proposes “special offers” to existing PC Tools Security customers if they upgrade to Norton Internet Security, a popular antivirus program. If you are a PC Tool user, it’s a good idea to check if you are getting an additional discount or extended subscription. What you need is the existing PC Tools license code.

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  1. JoeBtfsplk

    Symantec could sweeten this story considerably by killing the Norton product line.

  2. Ankit Gupta

    I suspect you had a bad experience with Norton 🙁

  3. Mac41

    What a bad move… PC tools was such a much better product than Norton!

  4. Ankit Gupta

    I bet , it was 🙂 Norton certainly has issues of slowing down the PC, something i have experienced personally.

  5. Gregg L. DesElms

    Symantec has a long and sordid history of killing pretty much everything it touches. Product, after product, after product gets purchased by Symantec; and then it’s either never heard from again, or it’s allowed to linger and languish for a while, and THEN it’s never heard from again. Product, after product, after products. I’ve watched it since Symantec’s first day as a corporation. It’s shameful…

    …but also, now, par for the course. No surprises, here.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  6. Ankit Gupta

    If that is the strategy they may struggle to survive in the future

  7. jensenjs

    This male many things clear to me now!
    I didn’t know that Symantec has acquired PC-Tools. I have used SpywareDoctor for years and been satisfied with it.

    For some years ago I stopped using it, because et constantly took all my system resources, it was impossible for me to work at all, when I stopped Spy-ware Doctor all worked fine again.
    I later upgraded Spy-ware Doctor, hoping that the problem was solved, but no.

    And it was about 2008-2010 this happened.
    That’s make me wonder hmmm

  8. jensenjs

    Stupid spelling software “This male many”
    male=many Arrrggghhh 😉

  9. jensenjs

    To many of you who had bad experiences with Symantec, let me join you.

    It is sad that Norton has to be linked to Symantec.

    In the V-e-r-yyyy old days, Norton was #1.

  10. Ankit Gupta

    I agree with you, Norton was #1 , perhaps at that time there were not many competitors.

  11. Arlene Velario

    yeah, i remember Norton Commander. It was very good.

  12. Arlene Velario

    I actually noticed yesterday, that Spyware Doctor was no longer available. I figured Symantec finally killed it. Well, since I needed an antivirus for a client, I bought AVG, and will continue doing so in the future.

  13. Ankit Gupta

    Even i have used it before with success. GO ahead. Which version ??

  14. Ankit Gupta

    Good old DOS program..

  15. Bob in VA

    I was a long time PC Tools customer, using both Spyware Dr. and Registry Mechanic. I had a good impression of both products. When Symantec took over I stayed with their Norton product until my PC Tools subscription ran out. Symantec wanted me to renew, but when I checked I found they had nearly doubled the price of the product to $69/year. To put it mildly, this pissed me off. I felt that they must have viewed me as a chump or fool. I now use another product.

  16. Ankit Gupta

    Yes, there are other antivirus programs as well that you may use like BitDefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure.

  17. GDgg

    Possible true cause of death of PC Tools is increasing competition from free or better alternatives and technical issues.

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