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The real reasons for the Hotmail & outage on March 12th

Yesterday there were some reports of people not able to access services from Hotmail, and SkyDrive. That was due to outage of Hotmail and other services. And Microsoft now has provided the details about this outage and tendered apology […]

Hotmail & Outlook can be hijacked using Cookie Handling Vulnerability

Hotmail and Outlook,  the popular email service from Microsoft is reported to be susceptible to hijacking using ‘stolen’  Cookies. A cookie handling vulnerability has been discovered that can allow cybercriminals to gain access to the accounts of Hotmail and Outlook users. Hotmail […]

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Automatic upgradation of Hotmail to has started

Today as I signed into my Hotmail account using, it was nice to see that my account had automatically upgraded to Since the last two weeks Hotmail users were getting notifications mail that the upgrade will take place soon […]

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Windows Phone gets center stage in the Hotmail sign-in page

In one of our earlier posts titled Hotmail updates its Sign-in page, Website and Help Center, we had posted that in the new Hotmail sign-in page, iPhone was given more attention as over 2 million iOS 5 devices are conneted to […]

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JaxtrSMS: Free mobile to mobile texting app launched by Hotmail founder

Fifteen years ago, Sabeer Bhatia gave the world  Hotmail, the world’s first real web mail service. He along with Yogesh Patel have now launched JaxtrSMS. JaxtrSMS is a cross-platform, open texting application and the world’s first FREE and OPEN mobile to […]

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Hotmail decides to take Yahoo Mail head on; launches new website

With tons of new features in the new Hotmail, the Hotmail team is committed to making Hotmail the world’s best email service.  Microsoft has now decided to aggressively market the Hotmail brand and launched a new website has been launched […]

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The Great Race of the E-Mail Service Providers

Google’s Gmail has surpassed AOL as the third most visited e-mail service in the U.S. and is poised to pass Windows Live Hotmail in about seven months.