TeamViewer accounts getting hacked; TeamViewer blames users for reusing passwords

The incidences of TeamViewer accounts getting hacked are not new. For the past 6 months, people across the globe are hitting the social forums to report such incidences where they either ‘felt’ that their TeamViewer account was hacked or were sure that their TeamViewer app was used to control their PCs.

Recently, ArsTechnica reported that the TeamViewer accounts are getting hacked in bulk; however, it is still unclear how this is happening. Meanwhile, TeamViewer has denied being hacked and is blaming the users for not securing their passwords carefully. Despite that, the company has introduced new security measures to make the application more secure.

TeamViewer accounts getting hacked

TeamViewer accounts getting hacked to drain financial accounts

The worst part of this news is that the hacked TeamViewer accounts are being used to extract funds from banks as well as PayPal accounts. Many people reported that when they left their machines unattended, their emails were found open, browsers were open and PayPal and bank accounts were found accessed. And guess what, they also found their TeamViewer app open. Obviously, the users are finding TeamViewer app to be the culprit for the security breach on their systems.

The company is not ready to take the blame for TeamViewer accounts getting hacked. No one outside of TeamViewer knows precisely how many accounts have been hacked. The company simply stated that the incidences of TeamViewer accounts getting hacked are occurring because users have the habit of reusing their passwords on multiple websites, accounts, services and apps. The company is also suggesting that the cybercriminals are getting access to several TeamViewer accounts because of the security breaches such as password dumps from LinkedIn and MySpace.

Though the users are worried because their TeamViewer accounts getting hacked; company officials have nothing much to say. Their official statement says,

“As you have probably heard, there have been unprecedented large scale data thefts on popular social media platforms and other web service providers. Unfortunately, credentials stolen in these external breaches have been used to access TeamViewer accounts, as well as other services.

We are appalled by the behaviour of cyber criminals and are disgusted by their actions towards TeamViewer users. They have taken advantage of common use of the same account information across multiple services to cause damage.”

TeamViewer has refused to accept any charges of their app being hacked. However, the views of users on Reddit and Twitter are narrating a different story. You can read the complete story on Ars Technica.

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