TGDaily spews venom, gets into the anti-Microsoft mode!

There was a time when TGDaily gave balanced views about technologies. But now all that seems to have been changed! TGDaily, a tech site apparently has a new staff writer that has been going off about  Microsoft in a very biased way!

His first article, Microsoft, no one wants your scrubby Windows Phone made statements like:

…the most shameless Microsoft fanboi is likely to think twice before taking the plunge into a dark world of endless mobile bloat…

… that is why Steve “Balmy” Ballmer reportedly decided that every one of Microsoft’s 90,000 employees was to be dutifully equipped with a Windows Phone – like it or not…

… Apple’s sleek and sexy iPhone is a hot item that consumers (fanbois and noobs) all over the world lust after in the worst possible way. It is doubtful that anyone could, or would be willing to say the same about Microsoft’s scrubby Windows Phone 7…

This elicited a strong response from some of its readers in its Comments section.

This has prompted the author to spew more venom in yet another masterpiece…and use the above image in it!

TG Daily overrun by rabid Microsoft fanbois. Now this one is a treat to read!

…we are also shocked at the sudden reappearance of the Microsoft fanboi, whom the industry has long classified as a dying, if not extinct species…

… you have to give the Redmond worshippers credit. Obviously, it isn’t easy defending a mercenary corporation whose primary claim to fame is a malware ridden, sub-par OS known as Windows…

… it must be even harder to get pumped up about an uber-lame mobile operating system that is clearly destined to lag far behind Android, iOS, BlackBerry and even webOS. So, in the spirit of brevity, we salute the Microsoft fanbois and all they stand for: clueless corporate greed, blue screens of death, misplaced loyalties, shoddy coding, a failed mobile track record and a really, really bad case of iOS envy …

Strange why TGDaily chose to publish such biased and virulent articles!

Is the objective as basic as trying to get more traffic / page views, more comments and more back-links?

After all any “noob” blogger knows that providing link-bait is a great way of generating all these three! But in the long run this doesn’t really help!

Tsk, tsk!

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of and a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows for the period 2006-16. He enjoys following and reporting Microsoft news and developments in the world of Personal Computing & Social Media.


  1. Durkk

    I personally think its just like any other fanboy, steve jobs ass licking site (engadget, gizmodo, techcrunch etc etc) only this one got really upset because everyine was saying he didnt knew how to write an article, its just a crybaby that hides behind his mac and pretends to be a writer.

  2. Vishal

    This is very bad! Microsoft fans must hack the site and make it unusable for lifetime and a phishing site. Then only they’ll(TGDaily) know how much Microsoft is important to the World! The number of attacks on the site = The Importance given to Microsoft in the World!

  3. EGA

    its a shame to publish such an article!
    its undoubted that Microsoft has lot of contribute to world computing and everyone knows about it 🙂

  4. Jason

    That author sure is taking journalistic liberties !

  5. No butt boy

    Giving back what I have learnt ! There is no learnt. It is learned! Your comment online bashing TGDaily is off base. You and The Windows Club are only butt boys for Microsoft. Bill Gates should be shot! Nothing he has made works like it should. It’s called planned obsolence, meaning he gets you to buy a new version every year or so keeping his ass in business all these years and acting like he’s a great philanthropist. He should give it all away since he has not really earned it. What idiots all of you are for buying into his lies!!!

  6. TheBigOldDog

    Who/what is TGDaily and why should anyone care?

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