Torrex brings BitTorent to Windows RT

The much longed quest to have a BitTorrent client on Windows RT has now come to an end, as Torrex Beta becomes available at the Windows app store.

Torrex beta -Lite interface

BitTorrent is infamous for snowballing piracy. With abundant BitTorrent clients available for all version of Windows, it is the most prominent app people use to download copyright infringement data – TY shows, Movies, Softwares mostly.

BitTorrent in itself isn’t really framed to promote piracy or just that, it is people who chose to use it that way. Notably, Social network giants Facebook and Twitter use it for updating their servers. Many game makers such as Blizzard has been using BitTorrent client for distributing their games and its patches. Wikipedia uses it to release the text version of the its encyclopedia via torrents only. Ubuntu, LiveMint, OpenSuse and many other Linux-based OS distribute their distro through this protocol.

BitTorrent is a great platform to send large chunky files and the best part, you don’t need a dedicated server for it. Using Peer-to-Peer technology, the large files are first broken down into small pieces, and every person who has completed downloading a few pieces then share it with others. This information is stored in a few kilo-byte consuming torrent file, which knows how many pieces of a file has been made, and whereabouts of its initial trackers.

Unlike downloading things from a premium file hosting services, BitTorrent is free, you can always resume file downloads, and you never have to refresh download address.

Notably Torrex Lite is the first BitTorrent client which has become available for Windows RT users, and of course Windows 8 PCs. Pretty much like most BitTorrent clients, Torrex too is a minimalistic tool with a simple interface and plain settings.

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