Toshiba Display Utility, Intel Clover Trail processors not supported on Windows 10 v1703

Windows 10 Creators Update is now available and it brings along with a host of new features including a revamped Windows Paint app. Microsoft has announced that certain series of Intel processors will not support Windows 10 Creators Update and install the same will cause severe issues including color blocks and in certain cases, the text may not appear at all.

Creators UpdateIntel Clover Trail processors not supported

Following are the Intel Clover Trail processors  that are currently not supported by the Windows 10 Creators Update,

  • Atom Z2760
  • Atom Z2520
  • Atom Z2560
  • Atom Z2580.

Don’t fret if your machine runs on any of the processors listed above as Microsoft is working with the partners to provide a solution for this with compatible drivers until then it’s advised that you refrain from updating.

If your PC contains one of these processors, Microsoft recommends that you do not install the Creators Update from the software download site.  Please wait and allow Windows Update to install the Creators Update after compatible drivers are released and installed.  If you have already installed Creators Update from the software download site and are experiencing these problems, you can use Windows 10’s recovery options to go back to an earlier build- Microsoft

Toshiba Display Utility issues

Yet another peculiar issue with the Windows 10 Creators update is that it doesn’t support Toshiba Display Utility. Users are once again advised to uninstall Toshiba Display Utility before installing the Windows 10 Creators Update.

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