Toshiba dynaPad Windows 10 tablet unveiled

Japanese hardware manufacturer, Toshiba, today unveiled a new device called the dynaPad touted as hybrid of tablet and laptop. The device is a lot lighter, thinner and appears to be good bet for anyone who has the penchant of using a stylus.

Speaking of dimensions, Toshiba dynaPad is 6.99mm (0.27 inches) thick and weighs approximately 570 grams. Its dimensions makes dynapad the thinnest and lightest 12-inch mobile notebook out in the market.


Microsoft Windows and devices chief Terry Myerson said in a blog “The dynaPad is yet another mile marker in our great relationship with Toshiba and an impressive achievement in the 2-in-1 category”.

Toshiba dynaPad Windows 10 Tablet

As mentioned earlier, key among all the peripherals is its extra-special stylus thats designed to replicate the natural feeling of writing with a pen on paper. The bundled Wacom Active Electrostatics TruPen is capable of works with Microsoft’s pre-installed Office and Edge browser (useful for taking notes).

The slim body of dynaPad employs metal mesh sensor technology and screen that’s perfect companion for TruPen for taking notes and annotate content. dynaPad also features an ultra-thin keyboard dock and a high-precision pen. On the other hand, the screen is 12 inches and has a resolution of 1920 x 1280. The company claims it has an extra layer of anti-fingerprint coating.

The innards specifications reveal the device is powered by an Intel AtomTM X5-Z8300 processor. It has 4GB RAM, 128GB flash memory, and a battery that lasts for more than six hours. Toshiba DynaPad will go on sale in US markets in early 2016. There’s no word on the price value yet but it will cost around $1000 when it will hit stores in the west.

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