New UI for Mozilla Firefox 8 ?

No. I am got going to do any ‘Firefox-bashing‘ in this post. Neither will I say that the story about Internet Explorer users being stupid was a hoax (it indeed was)! Instead, lets take a small flight into the ‘possible’ future and land right there where Mozilla Firefox engineers are busy working.

Firefox seems to be preparing for a revamp of the ‘next generation’ Firefox after its 4th version. Firefox 4 brought in many changes as compared to its predecessor Firefox 3.5. And with Firefox running in version 5 with beta for v.6 and Aurora for v.7 having been already released, its now time to think about v.8, acc to the Firefox team.

And earlier this day, Mozilla revealed a new UI mock-up, hopefully to be included in its v.8. Named as Australis, a sneak peek into this preview leads up to the following screenshot:

Oops!! Anything missing? Yes, the FORWARD button!

What else? No standard URl pattern (“http//www.”), similar to Google Chrome. The BACK button is placed right beside the address bar when in full-screen mode.

Since Mozilla adopted Google Chrome’s release array, they are releasing nighty builds with reinvented UI changes regularly and can be downloaded from Mozilla’s FTP.

Mozilla Firefox 8 is slated to be released in early parts of 2012. Do not catch me by my throat if in case Mozilla doesn’t include the above mentioned mock-ups. As for now, they are just concepts and may/may not be included.

Happy browsing. 🙂

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  1. First, opera one button, and now chrome tabs.
    when will mozilla stop being Mr.Copycat and start designing their own thing?

  2. EGA

    that’s what makes me worry they should redesign it or they just complete the firefox 4 mockup

  3. Anonymous

    Copying from Chrome is gonna make mozilla famous !

  4. li jude

    When i see the picture i think it is chrome .But, i am wrong. This is firefox 7.0.Come on.This UI is out of date.Avant doesn’t do this when every browsers copy chrome’s style.So i like avant brwoser more.Just be yourself.I expect that firefox will push out the special UI in 7.0

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