Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.1 released; now lets you backup your tweaks and settings

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  1. This UWT 4.1 is the latest to work on Win 10 home 1511 build 10586 ?
    MS forcefully upgraded my Win 10 home build 10240 to 10586, yesterday, I believe I now have to re-tweak my settings, do let me know, if this new upgraded UWT 4.1 will work on new builds ?

  2. Thanx, Paras, MS should introduce UWT OFFICIALLY to improve its OS in their future builds.
    UWT’s Remove Shortcut Arrows, Clear Clipboard, on right clicking on desktop, getting more options for paint, task manager, resource monitor, restart/shutdown options with reg editor, god mode & command prompt are real ultimate rad features.
    My friends & family have downloaded & installed UWT 4.1 after they saw no shortcut arrows on my desktop.
    Thanx, you did a commendable job.

  3. I installed UWT4 on 10 Pro 64. Windows defender says it is MALWARE and deleted it. I turned off Defender and installed it, Defender says it is MALWARE and deleted it. All I wanted to do is remove the shortcut arrows on icons. I looked on how to remove on Windows 10, but I have no Explorer in the run/regedit, like it says where to find it. Any ideas to complete my small task?
    Thank you for any help.
    Maxine Miller

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