Ultimate Windows Tweaker has been updated to v 4.4.1

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  1. I’ve tried everything, especially restarting the PC after any program install. What path did you assign for the Ultimate Windows 10 Tweaker folder? The installation instructions don’t seem specific. That’s why I wonder where I’m supposed to put the folder after extracting it from the zip file.

  2. Hello! This version doesnt work anymore after clean install of windows 10 1803. Any suggestion?

  3. Do you have the ButtonExtended.dll file along with the executable? After running EXE, does it show up in Task Manager? Have you tried disabling the antivirus and try?

  4. The issue others faced was rectified in version 4.4.1. It should run fine. If you’re ok with TeamViewer, I can try to diagnose the issue remotely.

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