Updated Windows 8 malware, Backdoors.Macadocs, uses Google Docs to steal data

Windows 8 is a safe operating system. It safeguards your accounts, helps you defend against viruses and protect yourself. But one can never be really safe on the Internet. Experts have found the Backdoor.Makadocs malware in Windows 8.

The creator of Backdoor.Makadocs has updated the malware to work on the latest Windows OS – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 reports Symantec. Any Windows user running Windows 8, not able to open programs correctly should consider checking their Windows 8 PC for Backdoor.Makadocs possibly hiding in the system memory.

The malware which is classified as a dangerous backdoor Trojan, infects targeted Windows systems through multiple methods, especially through cleverly designed Word documents! Once, Backdoor. Makadocs gets an entry to the hard drive it initiates a series of programs that makes the Internet run slow. It also renders most applications useless.

When the Trojan is executed, it creates a mutex so that only one instance of it runs on the compromised computer. It next, connects to Google docs and uses it as a proxy in order to receive commands from certain command-and-control (C&C) servers. Symantec says “It is possible for Google to prevent this connection by using a firewall.”

The program generates some random files that modify Windows registries only to clutter up your computer system. It then steals away all your important data such as user name, local admin user name, operating system type quietly and without getting noticed. Then, it transmits all the stolen information from the compromised PC to a remote location, reports Symantec.

Backdoors.Macadocs Removal Instructions

Run a full in-depth system scan with your antivirus software. You may also use Norton Power Eraser. If you have an infected Windows system file, you may need to Run sfc /scannow or replace the infected file/s using the Windows installation CD.

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