VAIO, Toshiba and Fujitsu creating powerful Windows PC alliance

The Windows PC market is not performing as it used to it in the past, which is probably the reason why these three companies have decided to join forces to create a PC manufacturing behemoth.



A Windows PC alliance in the making

The companies in question are VAIO, Toshiba, and Fujitsu. If the deal goes through, this single entity is expected to cause serious problems for Lenovo NEC in the market. Lenovo NEC is the biggest PC maker in Japan, and one of the most well-known brands around the world.

At the moment, we have no details to share in terms of what folks should expect from the deal. However, chief executive officer of Japan Industrial Partners, Hidemi Moue, stated that the deal should be officially announced come March of this year.

This news came after Toshina had reported cutting nearly 8,000 jobs back in December. Despite the setback, the company said it was not considering stepping out of the PC market. Some have wondered why the company wants to stay in such a volatile market, well, now we know.

The top 3 PC makers right now are HP, Dell, and Lenovo. All three seems to have an ironclad grip hold on the market, so smaller players have little choice but to form an alliance. The alliance between VAIO, Toshiba, and Fujitsu can pose a threat, but the first set of devices must impress.

PC makers are attempting to grab consumer minds and hearts at a time when Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 upgrades for free. It means that computer users have less incentive to purchase a new computer.

Source: Bloomberg.

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