Vertu announces expensive Android phone for $10,500!

Vertu, a former Nokia subsidiary famous for manufacturing expensive mobile devices laden with gold, diamonds and other jewels, is back to doing what it does best. It has announced the Vertu Ti, a smartphone running on the Android platform for a price of … wait for it … US $10,500!


The ridiculous cost not-withstanding, the Ti runs on the Ice Cream Sandwich variant of Android which is pretty much outdated in today’s sense. For this huge not-justified price, a user gets a 3.7 inch sapphire-surfaced screen, a ‘grade 5’ titanium-frame-with-leather body supposed to be scratch-resistant and Vertu claiming that 184 parts of the smartphone are hand-made in England.

On the specifications side, the Ti is powered by a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 64 GB of in-built storage, an 8MP rear camera plus a 1.3MP front camera, and the exclusive Vertu’s Concierge service, which at the touch of the ruby button at the back, will attempt to ‘fulfill every request’ of the rich-and-lazy owners to get errands done like booking tickets, confirming restaurant tables et al.

The Vertu Ti can only be purchased at one of the 500 outlets located across the world. If you have $10,500 to spare, then the Vertu Ti is one you want to have a look at.

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