Vimeo Couch mode … Vimeo version of YouTube Leanback

Few months back, YouTube launched their YouTube Leanback, where you can experience YouTube videos un-interrupted like a movie and you can watch it on any TV and enjoy your video experience. Similar to this, Vimeo, another large video sharing website has launched its own version of YouTube leanback named “Vimeo Couch Mode“.

Vimeo Couch Mode is designed for television sets though it can also be used on your desktop. Vimeo says Couch Mode is a special new section of Vimeo that allows you to watch collections of videos (such as Staff Picks, your inbox, your videos, etc.) completely uninterrupted like a TV channel. Just press play and grab the popcorn.

Not only can you watch videos, you can also add them to your Watch Later playlist, and get more information about videos and other users.

You can navigate around using either the mouse or the keyboard via arrow and return keys. Hitting escape at anytime will bring you back to the currently playing video and clear any overlays.

It is completely optimized for Google TV, if you would like to watch it on desktop, you can do that too!

Currently it works on Chrome and Safari.

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