Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview is available for download

Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview is finally available for Windows Insiders to download. This is a huge boon for developers who want to get their hands on the new toolsets to get an idea of what Microsoft is planning.

Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview

Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview

For developers, Microsoft has added a feature called API Contracts. It is designed to a allow developers to check if there’s a feature available instead of deducing based on the version of the operating system. Furthermore, Windows 10 can tell how the customer is engaging with an app, and thus render the relevant user experience.

There’s also something called Adaptive UX. It allows Windows to provide the same user interface across all supported screen sizes.

To get Windows 10, users must first sign-up for the Windows Insider Program then follow the instructions to download and install it on their machines. Due to not being the finished product, we do not recommend installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on a computer that is used for day-to-day tasks.

With the release of Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview, developers can now create universal apps across all Windows 10 devices. At the moment, the supported development languages include C#, VB, C++, and JavaScript. Developers will also have the option to leverage Windows 10 API’s in their Win32 apps. We’re not entirely certain how this would work, but expect Microsoft to share more at BUILD 2015.

When universal apps are deployed, they should run smoothly on the PC, smartphone, tablet, and even the Xbox One. This is something Microsoft has been championing for years but failed to deliver, until now.

We should point out that deploying an app to a phone running Windows 10 is not yet supported, but will be in a future update.

Bear in mind that Visual Studio 2015 Technical Preview is an early look at what Microsoft is planning, so developers should not expect it to work flawlessly.

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  1. Would like to get my hands on Visual Studio 2015 — just waiting for build event…. a bit varied to try out technical preview on my working PC !!!

  2. ^^ Will surely download it 🙂

  3. Arun Kumar

    I was a programmer before I felt it is a hell of a job. I created just one commercial application – on Vis Foxpro. But the client was never satisfied. He wanted more and more features. And I was not paid.
    Then I fell in love with Premiere and started creating music videos for local Citi Cable.

    Sometimes I feel I should take it up again and brush my skills on Vis Foxpro and Vis Basic but are they even used anymore?

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