Microsoft announces Free Visual Studio Code for Linux, OSX and Windows

Microsoft announced a new cross-platform code editor called Visual Studio Code in the BUILD 2015 conference. Visual Studio Code is a first of its kind, lightweight cross-platform code editor for writing modern web and cloud applications that runs on OS X, Linux and Windows.

Visual Studio Code for Linux, OSX, Windows

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is now in preview stage and is made available for download. Developers across the globe use lightweight code editors and command-line centric development workflows as their primary application development environment.   Free Visual Studio Code offers a new approach to code-focused, editor-centric developer tools which combines streamlined User Interface of a modern text editor with rich code assistance, navigation as well as integrated debugging.

At the core, Visual Studio Code is feature packed with powerful, fast code-editor which is great for everyday use. The Visual Studio Code also includes keyboard support with customizable bindings, syntax highlighting, bracket matching, auto indent, and snippets, and also offers multiple language support

The new cross-platform editor offers traditional text editors, including code assistance, code navigation, linting, and refactoring enabled within the core editor experience.  The Visual Studio Code works well with version control softwares like Git, and has source diffs integrated with the editor.

Visual Studio Code also includes a streamlined, integrated debugging experience that supports Node.js debugging as well. The future previews of Visual Studio Code would be opening up the public extensibility model for Code that enables rich language integrations with the editor.

Visual Studio Code is built on the best of web, native and language-specific technologies. The editor uses a new, faster version of  HTML-based editor that has powered the popular “Monaco” code editor used in Azure Websites, OneDrive and Internet Explorer’s F12 tools.

S. Somasegar, Microsoft’s corporate Vice President of developer division said,

A lot of people use Windows as their development environment, but we are also seeing a lot of people on Linux and Mac, Instead of making them go to Windows, we want to meet them where they are.

One can download the Visual Studio Code (Preview) for different platforms for free from here.

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  1. Nikato Muirhead

    Microsoft may now survive after all. Wise move.

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