Vivaldi browser 1.7 releases with built-in Screenshot and other cool features

Your favorite browser Vivaldi is up with a new and amazing set of features and functionality improvements. Vivaldi 1.7, the latest version is more productive and dynamic with the new features like built-in screenshots, better sound control and more.

Vivaldi browser 1.7 featuresVivaldi browser 1.7 features

Install the latest version of Vivaldi and you do not need the third party apps to take the screenshots. Vivaldi 1.7 lets you capture the screen right from the browser window. You can capture the entire web page or a selected area in just a few clicks. There is a new camera icon given in the status bar of Vivaldi 1.7. Click on that icon and it opens a small pop-up window with the options of taking screenshots. You can save these screenshots as a PNG or JPEG image or can copy it to your clipboard.

The list of features added include:

  • Built-in Screenshots feature
  • Copy screenshot to clipboard
  • option to map keyboard shortcuts or use quick commands
  • Better sound control for tabs
  • Quicker access to favorite pinned tabs and more instant notifications
  • Native MacOS notifications
  • Configurable top-level domain (.com, .jp, .ru, etc.) expansion
  • Toggle extensions visibility option in the address bar
  • Extra warnings for HTTP websites that request passwords.

Copying screenshots to clipboard is one of the best features added to Vivaldi 1.7, therein making it easier to share the screenshot with others. Notes Panel is another notable feature added to the latest Vivaldi browser version. Located in the Side Panel of your web browser, this feature lets you make notes on the web pages. You can save your screenshots as your notes too.

Furthermore, the Vivaldi 1.7 also gives you an option of using the screenshots feature with quick commands. You can assign any of your favorite keys and create a shortcut to the built-in screenshot feature.

Vivaldi has always known for its sound control feature and Vivaldi 1.7 brings even more. It brings better sound control for tabs, you can now silent all the tabs in a single go.

Talking about the latest release, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies says, “We believe in empowering our users to help them create unique and seamless browsing experiences. Our aim is to improve every part of the browsing journey, and we are set on a mission to create new exciting milestones this year and continue building a strong and user-driven browser.”

Other options and enhancements added in the latest version of this modern and feature-rich browser include-

  • Instant notifications
  • A faster and better access to all your pinned tabs.
  • Warnings for HTTP websites asking for passwords.
  • Domain expansion
  • MacOS notifications
  • Toggle extensions

Download the latest version 1.7 of Vivaldi browser and spruce up your web browsing experience.

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