Browse and plant trees with Vivaldi browser and Ecosia search engine

While everyone in the world is worried about global warming, Vivaldi already has a solution to reforest the planet. Vivaldi 1.9, the latest version of the web browser has teamed up with the search engine Ecosia to make the world greener.

Vivaldi browser teams up with Ecosia search engine

Vivaldi browser and Ecosia search engine

Ecosia is a search engine which uses 80% of its ad revenue to support tree plantation programs worldwide and Vivaldi 1.9 contributes by enabling it as one of its search engine. Users using the older versions of Vivaldi can also set Ecosia as their default search engine via browser Settings. Ecosia, the search engine launched around eight years ago has planted almost 7.5 million trees all around the world since its inception.

Ecosia runs on its own enhanced algorithms and uses Bing’s technology for search results. There is a tree counter on the top right corner of the screen which shows your personal record support towards tree plantation. 80% of the ad revenue generated by your searches will be used in tree plantation and it will flash on the tree counter on your screen.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies, says, “We are proud to join forces with Ecosia and look forward to our users making a real difference to the environment by simply searching the web. At Vivaldi, we strongly believe in putting people in charge of their browsing experience, and by including Ecosia, we give our eco-conscious users easy access to a greener search engine option.”

So, if you are a new user to Vivaldi and installing it for the first time, you will get the Ecosia search engine right on the home page. And, if you are updating from an older version of Vivaldi, you can restore the search defaults in the settings.

Besides contributing to world ecosystem, Vivaldi 1.9 also includes some important security fixes and basic functionality improvements. Some of the major features include-

  • The ability to shuffle the extensions in the address bar.
  • Feature to sort notes
  • Improved URL autocomplete.
  • Security fixes and privacy improvements

Head over to the official Vivaldi blog to check the entire changelog of Vivaldi 1.9. Upgrade and start using Ecosia and contribute your might.

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