Vivaldi browser now lets you customize themes to make it more colorful

The feature packed browser, Vivaldi will now be more colorful, powerful and safe. While Vivaldi already has several in-built themes, the most recent version comes with some more interesting themes and better options of customizations. Vivaldi 1.3 comes with new colorful custom themes, more options of personalization and a bunch of new features. Users can now customize the user interface according to their own taste and choice.

Vivaldi browser is more colorful nowvivaldi

Talking about the latest version of Vivaldi, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies said,

“Vivaldi is all about putting the user in control. Whether it’s improving the personalization by adding custom themes, increasing privacy, or giving more options and features, we put our users first with everything we do. We want to make browsing safer, more personal, more productive and more fun for everyone.”

Users can now change the theme and browser skin right from the browser UI. Just go to Vivaldi settings and then themes. Select any of the given 9 themes and click on the edit icon below that. Here you can change the background, foreground, highlight and accent colors of the theme on your own preferences. Adjust the theme preferences and color rounding and click on save.

Other notable features of Vivaldi 1.3 include:

  • New programmatic support and minimal contrast scheme give a better accessibility for people with visual impairments. The low contrast level also helps the users who work in a dim light mode.
  • Vivaldi 1.3 brings an option to turn off the WebRTC IP leakage thereby providing you safe web browsing and improved privacy.
  • New mouse gestures is one the major functionality in the latest version of Vivaldi. The new gestures let users customize the browser actions in more than 90 ways.
  • Improved support for proprietary media in HTML5.

However, other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox also have some integrated skins but you need to download and install the theme to use those skins. Vivaldi 1.3 is the only web browser providing different themes and colorful browser skins with an easy usability.

Read more about the latest Vivaldi 1.3 version here.

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