Vivaldi, Opera refute claims that only Edge supports Pin & Preview tabs

Microsoft has unknowingly fired a fresh salvo and started a browser war by claiming its flagship browser, Edge is the only browser to support Pin & Preview tabs feature.

Yes, in its latest attempt, Microsoft made a statement via its Twitter handle @MicrosoftEdge, claiming that Edge is “the only browser that lets you pin & preview tabs,” along with a GIF image displaying this feature in action.

browser war

Microsoft Edge kicks off Browser war

Initially named as Spartan, the browser slowly matured to Edge with many useful features under its bag including ‘Pin & Preview’ tabs feature but claiming it to be the only browser to support so was a bit overstatement.

The tab preview feature is already available in Opera, Vivaldi and most other browsers.

The tweet immediately drew flak and generated strong reactions from other browsers Opera & Vivaldi over Twitter.

Some Twitter users who noticed the message accused the company of misleading in its attempt to promote Edge.

I’m pretty sure Opera and Vivaldi Browser had that first,” mentioned @ZMYaro.  The other tweet had the following message, “Please, why lie? Both Vivaldi and Opera browsers have that characteristic since at least a couple years back”.

‘Pin & Preview tabs’ is a handy feature that allows you to always keep your favorite web apps like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter up and running. How? These apps are never closed but pinned as small tabs.

All of the Pinned Tabs you have set before, open in an instant when you start Firefox again. They also shrink and occupy little space as an icon in your web browser’s tab bar, offering enough space for the other tabs you need.

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