Vivaldi powers up the Start Page and adds docked Developer Tools

Vivaldi keeps working on the new features and functionality of the browser. This time the team has come up with a personalized Start page with increased functionality. The improved Start page in the latest version of Vivaldi 1.10 acts more like a dashboard to users.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies says, “Start Page is a gateway to the web. Why should people be restricted to plain startup pages with limited functionality and boring design? We thought it was about time to give people a browser that takes Start Pages seriously.”

Vivaldi 1.10 Start Page

The new Start page of Vivaldi displays all your bookmarks as the Speed Dial thumbnails. You can add multiple Speed Dials to your Start Page. The thumbnails of your bookmarks are generated automatically and you can change them with any of your custom images of GIFs.

You can also customize the Start Page with a new background image and adjust the number of columns displaying the thumbnails.

Along with the new Start Page, Vivaldi also brings the ability to dock the Developer Tools at the bottom or side of the window. The Developer earlier was allowed to open the Tools only in a separate window. The new feature to dock the tools in the same screen will help Developers to inspect the element in a simpler way.

Some other features in the latest Vivaldi web browser include-

  • Ability to sort-out the downloaded files as per their name, size date of download etc.
  • Quick command options using the keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can now exclude any bookmark from the Address Bar drop-down list.
  • Adjust the image visibility using the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved control on third-party extensions.

Download the latest Vivaldi 1.10 and enjoy your own personalized Start page with some new and interesting features.

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