Former Opera CEO to launch Vivaldi web browser

Just a few days after the announcement of Microsoft’s new web browser Spartan, we have a new offering from the former CEO of Opera, Jon Ton Tetzcher. After being away from Opera for four long years, Jon Ton Tetzcher is back with a feature packed web browser Vivaldi.

vivaldi browser

Vivaldi browser

The new Chromium-based browser gets its name Vivaldi from the famous Opera Composer Antonio Vivaldi. It comes with a powerful feature set of features including – Speed Dial, Quick Commands, Notes, and Tab Stacks. Tetzcher has released just the technical preview version of the browser for now and the team is still working on more features like spatial navigation, sync, mail, extensions and much more. Team also has plans to improve the performance of the browser in the near future.

The home page of Vivaldi web browser states,

“What you get now is our first Technical Preview. It is a build intended to show the direction of our product. It is not perfect, far from it. Some of the key features we integrate are yet to be implemented, optimization needs to be done. But we hope that you get a glimpse of our product and what you can expect from us.”

Vivaldi, the web browser comes with a simple user interface and is built on modern web technologies like React, Node.js and a number of Node modules.

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