Vu Super TV, a Smart TV which runs on Windows 7

First came the smart PC’s then came the smart players and after that smart phones arrived; but now Smart TV’s have come to the market. In the Smart TV segment, the first one was  Panasonic Viera … and now we have Vu Super TV which runs on Microsoft Windows 7 Platform. If you want to buy a Windows PC and a good LCD/LED TV, you should go for the combination of both, and that is the Vu Super TV’s range.

Vu televisions have made a space in the entertainment market. The company claims that they have done this with their innovative ideas and fresh looks. Vu has launched some very innovative products in India such as Waterproof LCDs, Intelligent TVs, etc.

If we talk about Vu’s Super TV, we can say that it is a PC with good system configuration. Vu’s super TVs range consists of s small LED 32 inches TV with Windows 7 and you get three options in 40-46 inches TV. And though each option comes with different features, the system configuration is same in all the options.

System Configuration: 
Processer: Intel Pentium Core i3
Motherboard: H55 Chipset
RAM: DDR3-2GB (Enough for TV)
Hardisk: 500 GB
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium


The 3D screen of the TV is very good, it comes with 8 bit color engine or we can say 16.7 million Colors.(Remember you get 3D only in 55′ inches model.) The resolution is of course HD that is 1920 x 1080 pixels with progressive scanning. The 3D experience is unbelievable on the TV. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 and Dynamic Contrast Ratio 50,000:1. There are 4 different screen sizes, that are:

  • 32’ Inches
  • 40’ Inches
  • 46’ Inches
  • 55’ Inches


It has support for RF input for Cable TV (1 Port) and it also has support for RCA A/V input (2 Ports) for Satellite TV or DVD Players. It has 4 HDMI inputs and one 15 pin VGA Input. You get a proper Keyboard with track pad at the left size as mouse for PC. You also get 3 high speed Usb ports. You can plug in your any Usb device and in those Usb ports.


As it comes with Microsoft Windows 7, you get many applications pre-installed such as for internet connectivity you get 6 different web browser and social plugins such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You can install many applications as you do on a normal PC.

Internet Connectivity

The TV comes with Wi-Fi and you can even plug in you Usb modems in high speed Usb ports.


This is the comparison done between some smart TVs and the Vu’s super TV looks great in all of them.

You can do a lot more with this Super TV. You can download any content and save it in your 500 GB hardisk. And you can do multitasking very fast as you get 2 GB ram, maybe little less but it is enough for a TV.

Vu Super TV price

In India it is priced at Rs 1,49,990/-.

You may visit for more details and download the product catalog from here.

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