WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project) brings new Skins and Plugins for Winamp

Winamp Music Player – the legendary music player, ruled for a very long time. I still remember using it in my college time. There was so much craze to experience all the graphics it carried along with it. Now, although Winamp is no more into development (5.8 is the last version), a community effort by Darren Owen has started to keep it alive. This is a third-party modified version of the music player Winamp that is based on Winamp 5.666 (patched) and not the official 5.8 version.

WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project)

Winamp Skin and Plugins

WACUP is a set of plugins and enhancements that work with the patched version of Winamp. This music player was known to support tons of plug-in before, and these new community plugins can add additional features and also let you a replacement of existing features.

In simple words, they are ADDONS. Just like video game mods which work on top of the games. The sole aim is to make plugins better, develop something more. As of now, there are three in WACUP for Winamp:

  1. Waveform Seeker: It offers a window on the player which lets you seek through the current playing file through the waveforms.
  2. Crystal Classic Skins: This provides Windows opacity (transparency) support for Winamp classic skins to match the support that is natively provided for Winamp modern skins.
  3. Big Clock: This gives a large time display window. You can choose between a number of modes. It includes the current elapsed time to the time of day in a large font which makes it easy to see.

Right now the WACUP is under development, and available in preview form. You can download it from here. In case you have Winamp already installed, make sure to install WACUP Preview build into a separate directory. It also supports Big Bento modern skins and native cPro skins. The project claims to have tweaked it to improve the loading and shutdown time of the program.

If you are a developer who would want to try or do beta testing, you can use the WACUP community forum. Send a PM to ‘dro‘ along with any information you think is helpful.

Its good to see so much love for WinAmp, and somebody trying to keep things alive. So until Winamp comes out with a new version, we have them to get new skins and customizations.

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