Wait! Is Windows 10 showing ads on the Lock Screen?

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  1. lmao, the fact that micro$oft now considers win 10 to be the final version, plus the fact that it’s not a product, but a service, windows will NEVER be “free”.

    in fact, anyone who upgrades to win 10 will end up in corporate serfdom as long as they keep using their os. i’d swap to linux or even macos before i’d update to this abomination.

  2. This is [part of] the price to pay for getting the “free” upgrade to windows 10. These type of adverts will become more prominant [including the desktop] as time goes on.

    At the moment youwe are getting “notified” of products in the start menu which can be turned off and [IMO] will become worse as time goes on by becoming more visable and intrusive. You will also not be able turn them off [start menu “adverts”]. Each user will see upgrades [NOT updates] to thier existing software and hardware [printers etc], along with others that MS gets paid to show. If these upgrades are ignored don’t be surprised if your existing software & hardware [which at present work just fine] suddenly becomes incompatable.

    Getting them on the lockscreen [spotlight – now in the professional version as well as the home versions] is only an indication of things to come. After July when the “free” [forced?] upgrade expires [if MS decides not to extend it] things will get even worse.

    More and more folks will be past the 30 day deadline to go back to previous OS. Future MS updates [can’t call them upgrades as there will be no OS past win 10] will start to be incompatable with older [than 2-3 years] PC’s and they will no longer work or will have limited usabillity. This would force folks to purchase new PC’s hardware and software.

    Also, don’t be surprised if MS changes windows update and turns off the abillity to check but not download and then select only the updates you want in win 7 and 8[.1] to “force” win 10 onto those folks that have decided to stick with existing OS.

    Finally what will happen to those who choose to purchase the retail versions of win 10 and install it? Will they also be forced to accept the adverts and [future] restrictions?

    And YES I did go the upgrade route on one of my PC’s and DO like it with some reservations regarding security [MS default settings which I have adjusted turned of to suit myself. But I will NOT be upgrading the rest which are retail versions of win 7 professional. Nor will I be upgrading the PC’s of the elderly folks [PC’s] I look after. Only one has chosen to go the win 10 route and he is struggling [he is in his 80’s] and now regrets it [he is past the 30 day deadline to go backwards due to stubborness in not being beaten].

    The above is only my opion, right or wrong only time will tell and I hope I am wrong.

  3. I haven’t seen a add on windows 10 lockscreen yet, are you sure its not just a overreaction to something much simpler like a choice to select it or something?.

  4. Jayce
    If you do not (yet) have Spotlight enabled you will not (should not) see it. So you are correct as to it being a personal setting.

  5. When will all of you realize that Windows 10 is an adware-supported piece of junk. Microsoft has become this evil and questionable company, thanks to that idiot CEO, Satya Nadella. This man has no ethics whatsoever; he is an absolute crook who is destroying what used to be a good company. The guy should be kicked out of Microsoft and immediately deported.

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