Watch Windows 10 Preview on Jan 21, 2015

The software giant announced that it will be holding a major event to showcase the best points of Windows 10 at their Washington office. The event will be heldĀ at the Redmond Office, on Jan 21 2015 at 9 AM PST. Everyone is invited to the event.


Microsoft has even planned an online streaming of the event for those who cannot make it to the office physically. They have a placeholder website ready at At the moment, the website shows a huge Windows 10 banner and a placeholder image of CEO Satya Nadella. It will start streaming the event as it begins on Jan 21 2015 from 9 AM PST onwards. The event will be recorded and will be available on the same website for people who visit it after the event is over.

According to the senior marketing manager of Microsoft, Brandon LeBlanc, many of the senior officials related to Windows 10 will be present at the event and will speak on the subject. The event will describe how Windows 10 is the next big thing to happen with respect to operating systems. It will be the first press event held by Microsoft in 2015 and will explain how Windows 10 blends into different aspects of life: studies, personal use and business. The main factor, however, will be its ease to blend with the cloud as cloud computing is supposed to be the future.

Not only cloud but Windows 10 will also have something for everything, including the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything. Please note that Microsoft simply skipped the Windows 9 to give its Windows Threshold project, the Windows 10 name.

According to Mr. Myerson, the executive vice president of Microsoft’s operating systems’ group,

“This will be our most comprehensive operating system and the best release Microsoft has ever done for our business customers, and we look forward to working together with our broader Windows community to bring Windows 10 to life in the months ahead”.

While Windows enthusiasts wait for the final release of Windows 10, The event promises a pretty good deal of information on how the new operating system from Microsoft will change the way computers work.

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