Say Hello to Web Intents on Firefox and Chrome

Excuse me, do we see a Mozilla+Google ‘team-up’ in reckoning? At least to facilitate web developers on creating web apps much more efficiently on their respective browsers? Yes!

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Chromium developers have announced that they are working closely with Mozilla to add support for Web Intents in their web browsers. This will lead to the creation of a unified, separate, simple and easy-to-use API that shall be used by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox sooner or later.

So what exactly are Web Intents?

In simple language, Web intents would enable web developers to create web apps that can communicate with each other without requiring complicated coding. Check out the Web Intents examples page to try out the feature in any current browser.

Similar to Android Intents but better suited for web applications, Web intents will enable the user to connect the respective web app to a desired service with minimal code. Web Intents document an initial set of intent actions (edit, view, share, etc.) that likely form/include the majority of use cases on the web today.

However, as the web grows and sites provide more functionality, new intent actions will be added by services that document these intents. Google plans to create a site through which existing intents can be viewed and new intents can be added.

With so much of new stuff coming, the web gonna be an even better place to stay!

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    finally some common API system …

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