Web version of Google Earth made available by Google

Google has released the web version of Google Earth and its own home page. According to the Google team, the new version of Google Earth is a whole new experience of exploring the world. The new version is not a program that can be downloaded or installed, but It is a new generation of 3D mapping applications. As the Google team says, it is a web application that loads in your browser. However, the new version will load only in Chrome browsers.

Google Earth for Web

Google Earth for Web

The team explains various new and advance features that this web version has. When you scroll down the page, you will see the new feature called Voyager. This ship helm wheel icon is a new way to explore the content Google has collated for interesting places and things on Earth. It is like a tour of information about a topic, which also includes the places relevant to the topic.

In addition to this, Google has even released the GE version for Android as well.

Google’s team mentions more about the features of new Google Earth that it is WebGL based. However, WebGL may not be supported. For that, open “chrome://flags” and select the first option “Override Software Rendering list”. Then select the “Relaunch” button. After this procedure, the new Google Earth version will be loaded on the browser. However, many people may not face this issue as they will opt for Android version. Even the newer machines may not face this problem. Users with Chromebooks will be able to open it too.

Another exciting part of the new Google Earth is the 3D images. The team mentions,

“The new Google Earth version is only a subset of the legacy Google Earth (let’s call it classic Google Earth – version 7 or lower) in terms of features. But, it has obviously been carefully designed for a beautiful, user-friendly experience that is remarkably consistent between the desktop and mobile. It also looks a lot more like current Google Maps, so it is consistent with new interface design.”

The team further mentions about the 3D feature,

“This version makes it easier to discover new content, and visualize the 3D imagery of cities and other places that Google has been adding the last few years. This seems to be the primary focus of this release. You also have access to Street View imagery (and user-contributed photospheres) and can share links to specific Street Views.”

Check out the features of the new GE on Google Earth Blog.

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