WebView2Browser lets you test all WebView 2 features and functionalities

Microsoft recently announced Win32 preview of the WebView2 control which is powered by the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. The company is striking a dialogue with various stakeholders, including the community. This helps Microsoft gather feedback and use it to further improve its product. It is also worth noting that Microsoft is delivering SDK updates once every six weeks.


WebView2Browser announced

Microsoft has built a sample browser in a bid to showcase WebView’s capabilities. The browser is created by using a rich sample which allows developers to build on top of WebView 2. The sample includes various features like functionalities, navigation, searching for the address bar, tabs, verifying a secure connection, tabs, and favorites.

Webview is nothing but a browser that is embedded within a mobile application and is often referred to as a hybrid app. However, it can still be packaged as a native app and offered on the app store.

How to get WebView2Browser

You can try out WebView2Browser and play with the source code on GitHub repo. The sample code includes various workflows like using navigation API’s, JavaScript to retrieve the document title and other complex use cases like communicating between multiple WebViews via postMessages and Chrome DevTools. Microsoft also explains how the app-building experience will help you build future WebView functionalities like accelerator key event, user data management, and others.

If you want to learn more about WebView2Browser, then you can take a look at Microsoft’s documentation and getting-started guide. Both of which will help you get the hang of the new feature and explore future possibilities. Meanwhile, you can let everyone know what you are going to build with WebView2 via feedback repo.

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