Microsoft pledges support to WeProtect to fight Child Abuse Material Online

The Internet has been one of the biggest revelation of past two centuries, our entire life and work is now hinged on being connected. Technology is indeed a queer thing along with all the good things it also comes with a dark alley. This alley of internet is filled with pedophiles, Child abusers and what not.


A total of forty one countries along with technology companies and civil society organisations had pledged their support to ensure the ongoing fight against online proliferation of child sexual abuse imagery. The companies involved include Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

WeProtect – Commitment to children’s online safety

WePROTECT Children Online is a global initiative started by U.K Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014 and the it recently held a second international Summit in Abu Dhabi.

During the meet, Microsoft Chief Online Safety Officer, Jacqueline Beauchere stressed the important role of industry when it comes to fighting against the online child sexual exploitation and abuse, She further hinted that the problem can be tackled only if the approach is multitude in nature and can solve the problem on numerous fronts.

She further stated that the “the imagery that pollutes our online services is distinctive content. The sexual exploitation and abuse of children and the online dissemination of imagery documenting those crimes is a unique problem.”

The summit talked about the proliferation of Child Sexual Abuse Material as a global issue which needs to be tackled by the international community, with the rise in consumption of the digital media the problem is expected to grow with the passage of time.

The summit further called for “ring fencing CSAM as a unique, peerless content and disallow analogies to other forms of vile material on the public Web. The need for the industry to consolidate efforts, combine resources and share the knowledge was stressed up on as the need of the hour.

Microsoft has been an integral part of the WePROTECT program and it has since shown strong commitment to children’s online safety.

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