What can Windows 7 run on?

What can Windows 7 run on?

“I asked if you’d had a chance to run the Beta or Release Candidate version on one of your older machines yet – and I received a welcome deluge of emails from people who had.

It would take me ages to give you all of the scientific details of configurations, so instead I’ve gone for a ready reckoner table of the responses.”

Source : Microsoft UK Schools News Blog.

Windows 7 on a P2 Dinosaur, may interest you…

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  1. Wally

    Beta great!! so program issues. tablet super responsive! Vista was not good for tablet. Very happy!

    RC no program issues. Gets gunky/slow like vista after about 10 common used apps installed. some actual bluescreens. tablet becoming unuseable because of responsiveness. Reinstall twice.
    Not so happy. very vista-y

  2. Wally

    HP tx2500z 2gig

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