Winamp is shutting down; marks the end of an era

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  1. Bad news as it is my favorite music player. The player with its plugins have been an essential part of my computers. They will still remain with the plugins Enhancer and 250+band EQ.

    VLC too is highly customizable but the interface and terms used in its settings are too technical. Hope something better comes up else will have to learn tweaking VLC over the next few months.

  2. Wha? What tweaking are you talking about? It took me a few minutes of skimming to get what each setting was, because it flat out says what it is next to the check box?

  3. 16 years and 17 months? Wouldn’t that be 17 years and 5 months or is Winamp time in another dimension altogether?

  4. LOL. No, as awesome as Winamp player is, it also follows the same dimension. Fixing it. Thanks for pointing out!

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