Some Window 7 / 8 users may face issues after upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10 is coming on July 29, surprisingly, and with it comes a few quirks, many might not enjoy. You see, the new operating system does not support some aspects of the old, a move that is very brave.

Already, we’re seen many Internet users going crazy over the announcement that Windows 10 will launch for consumers on July 29. It’s what many have been waiting for, since quite a few did not opt to upgrade to Windows 8.


What are the problems:

OK, so Windows 10 does not support Desktop Gadgets, Hearts (game), and Windows Media Center. We’ve long known that Windows Media Center would be killed off, and although many fans of the platform wanted it to return, Microsoft did not see why it needed to.

Let’s face it, Windows Media Center was ahead of its time, but its purpose no longer serves Microsoft any good. Xbox Music and Xbox Video are both good enough for whatever entertainment content users need to consume; the only downside is that these platforms do not support live TV playback.

As for Desktop Gadgets on Windows 7, well, fans should have seen this one coming from a million miles away.

We’re not sure why, but if folks are still using Floppy disks, they will require new drivers, according to Microsoft. Furthermore, playing DVDs out of the box is a no go with Xbox Video. However, by just downloading a third-party video player such as VLC Media Player, this problem should be rectified immediately.

For now, we can only hope all the bugs facing the Technical Preview are fixed, and that Edge launches with some form of plug-in support because, without it, this promising browser might not get the response which is being expected.

We recommend that users read the FAQs first, before deciding to go in for the Windows 10 upgrade, when it is made available.

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  1. jjstccean

    MS can shove Windows 10 for now – I’m sticking with Windows 8 and a 3rd party start button. I’m happy, productive, and that is all that counts.

  2. chris miraillet

    the problems listed here are known since a few days ! not sure that people read the FAQs entirely before upgrading ! if people upgrade now, they only download the technical preview and not the final update ! but one point : who use gadgets everydays ? who use the microsoft windows media center ? this stuf is not used anymore even by common people that use 3rd party software, lot of them are free of use, open source and work for most of them better than the native microsoft softwares ! xmbc for example, kodi…… if people need gadgets, i’m sure they better use some stuff like Rainmeter, rainlendar that are much completes and useful than gadgets that make their computers running slower and eating more RAM ! that’s my opinion of course !

  3. Mick Hansen

    Any idea what might happen with more subtle settings changes like some registry tweaks, including ones made with the help of right click enhancer recommended on your site? Will they be reset to defaults?

  4. uptotrix

    You really must be something – not many people say windows 8 and productivity in the same sentence.

  5. jjstccean

    Thank you.

  6. jjstccean

    That is so thank you.

  7. rdbrooks’re choosing windows 8 over 10…not even windows 7 but windows 8 …..LMAO!!!!! make it stop it hurts LMAO!!

  8. Kenneth Burns

    I’m with you there.

  9. mcmlxxiixxv

    I not only had zero problems with 8 and 8.1, but I also very much liked 8.1. I like 10 even more.

    Edit: Also, no touch devices here.

  10. Mark Davis

    Hey, I use gadget… as a gimmick but they look good, chuckle. I am also running Win10 preview and I like what I see. I will upgrade once I work out a wrinkle or two.

  11. Dan

    Like my Windows 10 MS reservation (via “June bug” it put on taskbar Sunday) receipt says, fine-print at end: some things may not work on some previous versions/hardware. In case something eats a few of the 5 y.o. laptops running 7 Home Premium, I’m ready with large persistence file live USBs running Linux Mint 17.1 so production/internet can be had on them until anything sorted out ( BTW, Windows really has it over Mint in one huge way: Smartscreen; Mint’s OpenSSL runtime just can’t cope well when one or more certs in an extended validation…EV…certificate chain gets revoked, expired, or replaced…whatever affected secure thing, like sign-ins, it just stops “seeing” what you enter with OpenSSL until somebody updates the ppa cache; whereas in Windows 7 all keeps working like butter).

  12. jensenjs

    Why LMAO!!!!!
    Why not be satisfied that some one have a good experience wit W8-8.1
    It’s seems more like someone hasn’t the abilities to administer the challenges that any new system can bring, whether it is flaws, which W8-8.1 has a very few or the new design and interface which W8-8.1 has many.
    It’s challenges, only the real IT interested are ready to take up the challenge and make the system their own.

    But maybe you are a quitter, or a follower, you know the type that follow the rest of the “I’m scared for anything new” group.

    When you have a W8-8.1 with Classic Shell, you have a system that
    overrule XP by decades, don’t give up just because their are challenges,
    both the new and the changes form the old interface.

    Yes I am very sarcastic here, because I have for nearly 40 years seen this kind of behaviour from many not so qualified IT people as they think they are.

    It’s the same way of fighting that gone on for centuries over and over again.
    Trying to straighten them self by suppressing others.
    Take a close look at any politician, and you will see how pathetic that way of arguing is.

    By the way, I have all editions of DOS and Windows except for ME. I have Apple Snow Leopard and several editions of Linux depending of the machinery it have to run on. right from RaspberryPI over virtual machines and to physical machines.

    So I know the challenges and I has the ability to make a system works for me and not the other way around.

    But I also have one other ability, the respect of others and their choices, as long they are satisfied with theirs and respect others.

    And yes I have be running W10 developers preview for a long time now, and I’m uprating the first two small laptops to W10.
    The 3 W8.1 maybe will be upgraded later on, depending of the licences, if they become OEM licences (they are retail now) then I will not upgrade, my two W7 will not be upgraded.

    Well maybe I’m a little harsh here, but I’m tired of this kind of behaviour.

  13. Rash

    Well gadgets mean desktop icons and media center mean window media player really right?????

  14. Myothernamesagoodone

    Wrong. On both counts. They mean exactly what they say. Two extensions to the OS that almost nobody uses and very few will miss.

  15. Rash

    Hello i would to ask that as we knows microsft windows 10 goin to launch this 29 july i need to know that as i have installed bitdefender int 2014 on my system when i ll upgrade my window 7 to window 10 , How would we install bitdefender on windows 10 because it is not capable with win 10 , bitdefender key will go waste that we had purchased that perviouse ones kindly let me know ?

  16. Vamien

    This is a question you’ll need to put forward to the guys at BitDefender. On the other hand, I see no reason for it not to work.

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