Windows 10 1903 is designated for broad deployment for all users

The latest post from Microsoft announces that Windows 10 v1903, is ready for broad deployment for all users. The change in approach is seen in just over 4 months since the May 2019 Update was launched.

Windows 10 v1903 ready for broader deployment

Windows 10 v1903 ready for broader deployment

A new paragraph added to the release information page makes clear that Microsoft will install the latest version on all eligible Windows 10 machines. Also, the devices currently running the April 2018 Update, version 1803, will reach the end of service on November 12, 2019. These devices too will be updated broadly.

In addition to the above, the release will focus on reliability, performance and other general improvements

As devices running the Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstation editions of Windows 10, version 1803 (the April 2018 Update) will reach end of service on November 12, 2019, we are broadly updating these devices, as well as those running earlier versions of Windows 10 that are past end of service, to keep these devices both supported and receiving monthly updates. If you are not offered the Windows 10, version 1903 feature update, please check below for known issues and safeguard holds that may affect your device, mentioned the document.

We recommend commercial customers running earlier versions of Windows 10 begin broad deployments of Windows 10, version 1903 in their organizations, it further added.

This change in the scheme of things follows a similar pattern, seen earlier in July, when Microsoft stated it would start pushing the update automatically to PCs running the April 2018 Update. These devices were nearing their end-of-support date then.

For those wondering about Windows Server 1909 (since Microsoft hasn’t rolled out a single build for insiders), Microsoft says, it is planning to share the next Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel Release this fall.

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