Microsoft releases Windows 10 Application Deployment Tool

The latest Windows 10 Preview Build 10166 today was today launched with an announcement of Windows 10 Application Deployment Tool for developers. Developers can use this tool to deploy a Universal Windows application from Windows 10 PC to Windows 10 Phones.

Windows 10 Application Deployment Tool

Windows 10 Application Deployment Tool

Explaining the new tool Microsoft says, “It allows users to deploy an .AppX to a device connected through USB or available on the same subnet without requiring access to the complete Visual Studio solution”.

This free web-based standalone tool designed for developers lets them test any of the apps made on Universal Windows Platform on a Windows powered mobile device by using WinAppDeployCmd.exe.

How to get and use WinAppDeployCmd

  • Download the Windows 10 SDK preview from Windows 10 Developer Tools Page and this standalone tool WinAppDeployCmd is installed on your PC. You do not need to install Visual Studio 2015 to install this tool.
  • You first have to enable your mobile device to develop this style of app for Windows 10.
  • Upgrade your mobile device to latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview and enable it for development.
  • Go to Settings in your mobile device and choose Update & Security and select For developers and select Developer mode.
  • Your mobile device is now enabled to the side-load scenarios using WinAppDeployCmd.exe.

Once you have enabled your device successfully, check the MSDN topic and follow the instructions to deploy the apps.

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