Windows 10 April Update offers new features for Browser extensions

The Windows 10 April 2018 Update ushers in the new incremental update to the API support. With this in place, users can now make use of the enhanced extensions with the new features. Let us take a closer look at all the cool things the API support has to offer.

Extensions can be activated during InPrivate browsing

As of now, the extensions were automatically disabled during an InPrivate browsing session. The new update allows you to run extensions during InPrivate browsing. The user can also choose a particular scenario wherein the extension should kick into action. All of this can be toggled on/off from the settings page of that particular extension.

When the extensions are being run in the InPrivate mode that can be either be opened in split or span mode. As far as span mode is concerned both inPrivate and non-private windows will. However, in split mode, a separate instance of the extension is created on both inPrivate and normal browsing.

Extensions in split mode can be debugged for each instance thanks to the background script that is separate for normal and InPrivate sessions. In case of Extensions in span mode debugging can be done with a normal extension.

New Notifications API for extensions

The new update means that extensions will display interactive notifications inclusive of basic messages, progress indicators, lists and other intuitive options. Moreover, Developers will be able to customize the appearance of the icon, text, buttons and also the button icons. The notifications that are sent from an extension by using the Windows notification service will keep on appearing in Action Center until and unless it is attended to. Microsoft is striving hard to improvise the Microsoft Edge Extension offers.

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