Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update …. coming soon

Two months ago in a press release, Microsoft unveiled, the next major update to Windows 10 would be titled ‘Fall Creators Update’. However, now, we see Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would be rebranded as Autumn Creators Update. This could be possible for some regions like India, UK, and others.

windows 10 autumn creators update

What possibly could have pushed for the change midway? Fall marks the beginning of a season just after the summer, but that’s not the case worldwide. We know that when one part of the world experiences winter other experiences summer and vice-a-versa. It’s a simple geographical concept.

This calls for change in the name. So, come September, while the update will be rolled out as Fall Creators Update in the US, it will be renamed as Windows 10 Autumn Update in some countries including the Australia, India, New Zealand, and the UK.

Windows 10 Update

The first major update to Windows 10 was Anniversary Update on 2 August 2016. After that, it was Creators Update in April 2017. And finally, the Autumn Creators Update or Fall Creators Update, which will be out in autumn 2017.

The difference can be easily spotted by the users by visiting Microsoft’s country specific pages. The US page says Fall Creators Update, while the India and UK pages say Autumn Creators Update. A change in the scheme now is likely to create confusion amongst users as they will see different updates on the same page. It would be interesting to see if the decision taken by Microsoft draws ire from public or receive positive support.

Officially, Microsoft hasn’t disclosed any details on its release plan. However, it did show a slide relevant to the future update at a developer event earlier this year. Having said that, we expect the update to be released somewhere around September month.

You can check out the difference in the Microsoft India’s page.

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  1. Frank

    Will this fix the latest update? After updating I cannot install or update apps on SD card.

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