Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 10 Creators update in multiple phases

Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update will be available for everyone. Just like the Anniversary Update, the Creators update will be rolled out in phases. Microsoft has learned from previous feedback that the phased manner is one of the best ways to proceed with the rollout process. The Windows 10 Creators Update will be then expanded to additional devices after taking into stock the feedback received during the initial phase. Microsoft also cautions that the update rollout date may vary from manufacturers, specific software and hardware limitations.

New Windows 10 devices coming with Creators Update
Windows 10 Creators Update roll out plan

The Enterprise customers can update starting from 5th of April, as opposed to 11th of April for the other Windows 10 users.

The company has already informed that the customers need to make some important privacy settings before the Creators update ins installed. Microsoft will also be implementing features that allow users to have a greater control on the updates, something that Windows has been long ridiculed for. Customers will also be able to control so as to when the update will actually be installed.

The advanced update controls include the ability to specify a time that is convenient for the users with the option to pause the update for an entire week. If you are using a Windows PC at work consult your IT administrator who would be able to initiate a manual update process starting from April 5th.

Microsoft has also thanked the Windows Insiders whose feedback usually helps them shape the update apart from working with top ISVā€™s on application compatibility. The Windows 10 Creators Update has also been tested with Surface hardware.

The new Get Help app will also make it relatively easier for the users to get the things resolved. Also useful is the new virtual support agent which uses your description of a problem and fetches the most relevant troubleshooting steps.

You can see the complete Windows 10 Creators Update changelog here.

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