Windows 10 completes 1 year; Collect your first anniversary gifts

It has been exactly one year since Windows 10 was launched. It is the first anniversary of Windows 10. And on Aug. 2nd, Microsoft will start rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.


Microsoft has shaped and grown the Windows Insider Program in this duration. Most of the feedback and suggestions from the Insiders have been regularly incorporated into Windows 10. The Windows Insider Team has sent a Thank You mail to all the Windows Insiders thanking for their efforts.

There are many interesting facts about the Windows Insider Program since its launch. Here are some of the mind-boggling fun facts:

  • Over 70 million pieces of feedback have been submitted by Windows Insiders.
  • Over 5000 improvements based on Insider’s feedback which includes bug fixes, UI changes, feature requests have been done.
  • Windows Insiders have spent over 443 million hours on Windows 10
  • Windows Insider Program is available in 30 languages.

The first major update to Windows 10 was released in November. After the November Update, the Microsoft team have responded to Insider feedback with more frequent build releases. A total of 28 PC builds and 20 Mobile builds have been released. The builds released to Windows Insiders for the Anniversary Update exceeded the builds released for the launch of Windows 10 and for the November Update.

Many of the new features and improvements in Anniversary Update are based directly on the feedback from Windows Insiders. Microsoft Edge extensions, Cortana setup for people in various language are some of the examples – along with improvements to Start, Action Center, Taskbar, etc.

Windows 10 first anniversary birthday gifts

The Windows Insider Team has provided some nice birthday gifts for Insiders and all Windows users.

  • Windows 10 Anniversary update Ninjacat Wallpaper package.This includes background for Band, Phone, and PC. Download link
  • Ninja cat Animated GIF
  • Also, the Insider will see an exclusive Insider Program Badge if he has installed a version of Insider Preview build during this year. This can be seen in one’s Profile in Feedback Hub.

The Insider team also shared many of the articles by Insiders, their interesting interaction with insiders and various creative images by its fans to celebrate the program.

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Vasudev G. is a Technology Enthusiast. He is a Windows Insider MVP and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products.


  1. merlinii

    Ten odkaz “doporučujeme” myslíte vážně? Komerční program podivné kvality a ještě podivnějších doporučení…

  2. Alberto Gorin

    can t wait for the update

  3. David Doiron

    Web of Trust has a few comments that warn of the site for the “Download this to PDF” link is a source of malware. I’ll pass up whatever anniversary “gift” this site will give me.

  4. David Doiron

    My AV protection software flagged malware “AppRC” in the installer for PDF Toolkit. WOT flagged the site as a source of malware. PDFConverterHQ installs a browser hijacker.

    It’s become obvious to me that NONE of these links will actually provide me with safe, effective tools.

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