Windows 10 Home v1903 may get “Pause Updates” option

Installing or upgrading to Windows 10 Pro offers you more options than Windows 10 Home to manage system updates on your terms. Not anymore! A piece of recent news suggests that Microsoft will finally allow Windows 10 Home users to pause Windows Updates.

Windows 10 Home v1903 may get "Pause Updates" option

Windows 10 Home users may be able to Pause Updates

Installing updates ensures your system is up to date. Plus, it keeps your computer safe. Although necessary, these updates can be delayed to keep uninvited bugs away. Likewise, it can be used to prevent frequent crashes and freezes occurring due to incompatibility issues. For instance, some major updates can break apps. So, if you prefer to wait until the bugs are squashed, you can choose to delay such updates.

Nevertheless, Windows 10 can be configured to download and install updates automatically whenever they become available. Having said that, editions of Windows like Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise, allow users to delay the updates directly from the Settings app (choosing how updates are installed).

Unfortunately, Windows 10 Home lacks these options. In it, you can only choose to delay the update, when using a metered connection. However, this setting only lets users delay the updates until they’re sure everything works. This behavior is about to change as Microsoft has introduced a new ‘Pause Updates for 7 days’ option in Windows 10 Home Insider Build settings.

When configured, Windows 10 won’t install any updates. However, when you resume updates i.e. when you unpause the updates or seven-day period expires/lapses, Windows immediately checks for updates and installs them.

This change comes across as a major improvement where you can tell Windows not to bother with unnecessary updates via messages or notifications.

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