Windows 10 Mobile to bring new changes to Lumia apps

It’s almost time when Windows 10 Mobile is going to hit most of the Windows Phones. Microsoft Lumia, which is currently running Windows Phone 8.1, might soon get Windows 10 Mobile. However, before that, Microsoft sis making sure that the apps are compatible with Windows’ latest operating system. Microsoft mentions the changes on ‘Conversations’, the Microsoft Devices blog.

“As we’re gearing up Windows 10 for phones, there will be some important changes to some Lumia apps you currently use on your Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Read on to find out more.”

Windows 10 Mobile

Changes in Lumia apps in Windows 10 Mobile

The biggest change that will take place is that Microsoft will end support for some Lumia apps. These apps won’t be removed from the devices, but they’ll no longer be available from the Windows Phone Store (with immediate effect), and after October 30, 2015, online services and updates for these apps will end.

Microsoft mentions the Lumia apps that will be affected due to these changes. These apps include, Lumia Storyteller, Lumia Beamer, Photobeamer, and Lumia Refocus which will no longer have online services available, and they will no longer be updated after October 30, 2015.

Microsoft further mentions,

“Lumia Panorama and Video Uploader will continue to work if you have them, but they will no longer receive updates or support. None of these apps will be available in the Windows Phone Store with immediate effect, but if you already have them installed, they won’t be removed from your device.”

With this change, the user won’t be able to download these apps from the Store, as Microsoft is ending the support for these apps, they are being removed from the Windows Phone Store, with immediate effect.

You can read more about these changes on Conversations.

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  1. ambarish kumar

    “You can read more about these changes on Conservations.”

    I guess that should be conversations.

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  2. Ankit Gupta

    Thanks Ambarish, I will certainly have a look.

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